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SEGMENTED Titanium Gr.9 TI-3Al-2,5V, Tire clearance 76mm-584 (27,5" PLUS) and 56mm-622 (29") W/ Tapered 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" steerer // Thru Axle dropouts 100x12mm // Mounting holes for mudguards and 3-Pack on each blade // Internal cable routing for brake housing (left blade) and dynamo hub wire (right blade)


A top quality, ‘worry free’ headset with a semi-integrated upper part and an external lower part, for head tubes with a 44mm internal diameter. German made, with stainless steel angular ball bearings in CNC machined aluminium caps.

+110 €

Legendary quality and durability, the only headset with a lifetime warranty! Made in the USA, a tapered headset with a semi-integrated upper part and an external lower part, with stainless steel angular ball bearings in CNC machined aluminium caps. Available in black or red (let your choice on the comments section)


High-end sports car transmission technology, made in Germany. Being centrally mounted, this gearbox has the advantage of better weight distribution than an IGH, meaning improved manoeuvrability. With a super-light magnesium casing. Its 600% range with closer gear steps than the 9-speed is perfect for touring, as well as day-to-day riding in any terrain.


This kit is designed for those wanting a drop-bar Nua with a Pinion gearbox. The Cinq Shift:R Road actuates beautifully smoothly for lightning-fast gear changes. This gearing kit is compatible with any Pinion C Line version. For ultimate braking power we chose to couple TRP Hylex hydraulic disc brake calipers to the Cinq levers/shifters. This is the best option for Pinion-equipped drop-bar bikes to date.


Extremely durable, this drive system performs in the harshest conditions. Like all Gates drives it’s clean, silent, and virtually maintenance-free. Also, it doesn’t rust, which is a huge advantage in icy (and therefore salty) or wet climates.


Rugged quality forged aluminium cranks which come standard with all Pinion gearboxes.

+90 €

High-end CNC cranks, machined from 7075 alloy billets. Compatible with all Pinion gearboxes.


If you want to use your own pedals, choose this option.

+80 €

The Shimano XT PD-T8000 pedals are a lightweight (392g the pair), high-end solution for those looking for a hybrid pedal that can be used both as a flat pedal (on one face) or as an SPD-compatible pedal (on the other face). This is the perfect choice for adventure bikes if you want to be able to use them during your everyday commute with normal shoes too.


Designed to combine high grip and low rolling resistance on mixed surfaces, this all-purpose tyre is equally at home on mountain trails and asphalt roads. Super-wide, it can roll at very low pressure, offering great natural suspension exactly where it matters most: near the ground. This is the tire of choice for those wanting to enjoy their Nua Dual both on and off-road.


A go-to stem for quality builds. Made in the USA, it claims to have the best combination of weight and strength available. Rugged enough for downhill riding but light enough for cyclocross.

+70 €

A supremely lightweight and durable option to match your titanium frame, with a slim and minimalist design.


An industry standard for seatposts. With forged clamps, an integrally machined head, and elliptically extruded 7000 series aluminium body. Extremely easy to adjust the saddle position and angle.

+70 €

If you’d like to match your Nua frame with an elegant and minimalist seatpost which gives an extremely comfortable ride thanks to the flexibility of titanium, choose this option. Available with a setback of 0mm or 20mm. (Tell us which you’d like in the comments box below.)


A cutting-edge "dirt drop bar" developed for gravel and dirt touring use. Thanks to its open and wider profile, it allows for better control while riding off-road. Made out of Aluminum 7075-T6, it only weighs 330g.


A clean and sporty looking saddle for zippy city bikes. The Ergon SME3 Comp offers superb comfort thanks to Ergon's experience as specialists in ergonomic saddles. It is lightweight, comfortable and robust enough for a urban use and for longer rides too.

+5 €

With a similar design to the B-17 but constructed in weather-proof materials: a vulcanised natural rubber top for flexible performance requiring no breaking-in period, and a waterproof nylon cover which performs flawlessly in all conditions. With a 162mm width, it is designed for a semi-upright riding position.

+115 €

A wonderful saddle from the king of saddle makers. Titanium rails mean it’s extremely lightweight. With a width of 157mm, it’s designed for a semi-upright riding position. Every part of this saddle can be removed and replaced, so that it really will last you a lifetime. Available in dark brown and black. (Let us know which colour you’d prefer in the comments box below.)


A padded rubber bar tape with a tough and durable surface providing excellent grip in all weather conditions. Available in dark brown or black. (Let us know which colour you'd like in the comments box below).

+25 €

Natural vegetable-tanned leather, longlasting and good looking. Combines perfectly with your leather saddle. Available in dark brown or black. (Let us know which colour you’d like in the comments box below).


If you'd prefer not to add lights to your bike at this point, choose this option.

+450 €

A complete and permanent lighting system integrated into your bike. Battery-free, worry-free and powered by your own legs (although so efficient that you won’t notice it). Composed of a Supernova E3 Pure front light, and E3 Tail Light 2. If you choose this option we will build your front wheel with the efficient and super-light German-made SON 28 dynamo hub.


Choose this option if you do not want a USB charger on your bike.

+170 €

CinQ The Plug5 Pure is a state-of-the-art power supply system designed to charge USB devices through a dynamo hub. It is water- and shock-proof and generates a 5V/1,2A current suitable for any USB device. It is installed in your fork steerer, replacing the standard headset top cap. NOTE: In order to use a USB charger, you must select a permanent light pack option, as the charger functions thanks to the dynamo front hub.


Choose this option if you'd prefer not to have a bottle cage.

+40 €

A super-lightweight titanium bottle cage to match your frame. Easily adjusted for the perfect bottle fit.

+80 €

Two super-lightweight titanium bottle cages to match your frame. Easily adjusted for the perfect bottle fit. One for your downtube and one for your seattube.


Choose this option if you'd prefer not to add a bell to your bike.

+25 €

Based in Japan, Crane is recognized as creating some of the most beautiful and best sounding bicycle bells on the market. The E-NE is their smallest and most minimalist model, in matte black.

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