At Nua Bikes we make custom bicycles. And by custom, we mean that we’ll completely tailor a bike to the customer’s needs and wants. That can mean anything from simply using black spoke nipples when hand-making the wheels, to designing and constructing a modular, dual-purpose front luggage rack, or indeed finding a way to combine a Rohloff IGH with drop-bar brifters. We did all this and more for our latest build, which is as custom as our customer needed it to be.
Graham wrote to us wanting a commuter for daily use which could also be used for off-road adventures and weekend excursions with panniers. A few months later, this “randonneur adventure bike” was born:



This is the most complex and accessory-rich bike we’ve made to date. Nevertheless, it maintains the classic clean lines which are the hallmark of a Nua.



The Rohloff 14-speed IGH comes supplied with a twist shifter for use on flat handlebars, so using it with drop bars has, until recently, involved a bit of compromise. This Nua is one of the very first bikes to use the new Gebla Rohbox shiftbox, which allows us to use road bike shifters, no problems. Here you can see the Gebla shiftbox beside the original Rohloff model:



And here is the simple but effective internal mechanism:



Since the Rohloff hub already incorporates an indexing mechanism, we modified the SRAM Force 22 shifters, getting rid of a few extraneous bits.



This is how the whole thing looks: the Rohloff with its special shiftbox, the powerful SRAM hydraulic brake with a Hope rotor, and the Gates Carbon Drive Center Track belt.




And here are the shifters, now relieved of their superfluous parts and installed on a super-light 3T carbon bar with internal cabling. The right lever changes up a gear with each squeeze, the left lever changes down. Intuitive, quick, and direct.



Another interesting aspect of this bike is its front rack. Graham wanted a basket to put his backpack or shopping bags in for daily use, but he also wanted to be able to use front panniers on weekend trips. There are a couple of products on the market which allow this, but there isn’t anything (or if there is we couldn’t find it) which allows you to remove the top basket but still use the rack as a support for the panniers. So we designed and constructed a rack from scratch, which was time-consuming, but we’re very pleased with the result:



The top basket is practical for transporting everyday loads, even books if you’re so minded!



It’s been beautifully fillet brazed for us by Marcos from Solei Bikes, and finished off with a home-made base of carbon fibre sheets.



The basket attaches and detaches quickly and easily using four titanium screws especially turned for the occasion (M8 with the shank reduced to M6 so as to render washers unnecessary), leaving a light-weight structure which supports the Ortlieb panniers.




The front rack includes a bracket (specially designed and made, of course!) for the Supernova E3 Pure front light.



Which is powered by the best hub dynamo on the market, the SON Delux.



The lighting set-up is completed with a minimalist Supernova taillight, mounted on the fabulous Thomson seatpost.



And to crown the Thomson seatpost, what better than the new Brooks C-13 with carbon fibre rails.



All the components on this bike are top-notch, from the Chris King headset to the marvelously supple Compass tyres, and including our new tapered titanium fork with internal cable routing for post-mounted disc brakes.




To sum up, an exceptional bike: functional, robust, reliable and lovely. A bike which Graham will be able to ride pretty much anywhere that takes his fancy, both on the streets of San Francisco and in the surrounding mountains.
We’re extremely happy that the time and energy we’ve put into this bicycle have borne such satisfying fruit, and it would seem that Graham is too:

The design, fit and finish is wonderful – exceeding my expectations. I am very happy with it and it is exactly what I asked for. Full of potential for years of adventure. I am really happy I contacted you!”

So happy in fact that he’s planning on ordering another bike from us, this time with a Pinion gearbox, but that’s another story……



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Safe and happy cycling!










Nua (the Catalan word for nude) means “without the usual coverings, furnishings, etc; bare”.

When you make custom bikes, they can sometimes become very complex, kitted out with automatic lights, custom-designed racks, sophisticated gearing mechanisms, mudguards, etc. etc.…
And then sometimes you get to go back to basics, to the original philosophy of “less is more”, and you end up making a very “nua” bike. And that can be a breath of fresh air.

In this case, we also had a fairly tight budget to work to, which was a good reason to explore minimalism to the fullest! We’re very proud of the result:



Mr. Kuo wanted a simple, maintenance-free bicycle, but he also wanted a quality machine which would be fun to ride on his daily commute in Sydney, Australia.
The starting point for this bike is our versatile titanium Nua Ti-CORE frame, which allowed us to install disc brakes and our new carbon fibre Nua CF fork.



A single-speed transmission using a belt drive (of course, what else!) gives an efficient and worry-free ride. It’s also lightweight, silent, clean, and completely maintenance-free for the duration of it’s working life (20,000 km minimum).



The sliding dropouts mean that removing and replacing the wheel is child’s play, and doesn’t affect the belt tension.



Shimano disc brakes are always a great choice. They work brilliantly, they’re powerful but progressive, and they’re easy to install and to bleed. All reasons why they’re fast becoming our favourite brakes. Great quality at a great price.



Our new carbon fibre fork is ideal for this type of bicycle. Light and elegant, it lends a sporty air. It’s also more economic than a titanium fork, allowing us to reduce the total price of a bike without compromising on quality.



The Procraft stem is an elegant part which we often use. It contrasts nicely with the titanium spacers, giving the impression that it’s floating. Our Nua Ti-BAR flat titanium bar completes the ensemble, resulting in a cockpit which is solid, yet comfortable.



A Brooks Cambium saddle, made with cotton fabric and natural rubber, is another great choice. Comfortable, elegant, and maintenance-free. The Brooks Cambium Slender grips, also cotton, are the ideal match. Our client chose rust colour, which to our taste is the shade which best compliments the combination of titanium frame and black components.





Mr. Kuo was a contented man when he received his Nua:

“I couldn’t be happier, it’s better than I expected!. Fit is perfect, a very comfortable position, top tube length ideal which gives comfort and the right posture to put the power down.  
Quality of the ride was the most surprising thing. It rides beautifully enabling great range and flexibility for a single speed. It’s so quiet when riding along. Feels responsive, light and assured. In many ways, it felt immediately familiar. Best birthday present I could have hoped for!”



We too are extremely happy with this bike. We think it’s a beautifully balanced and functional set-up and would work well as a preset for other clients, with a very attractive entry price. So, if you’d like a Nua Nemo (as it was christened by 5-year-old Maia when she realised it was headed for Sydney), just drop us a line at



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Safe and happy cycling!